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Kindness Kingdom is a game created by three generations of ladies and princesses in one family.


The idea for it was born from Jessica’s repeated and failed Christmas shopping trips and internet searches for a fun manners board game for little girls. Everything seemed too academic and too sterile.


Jessica, a Mom and Aunt enthusiastic about civility and manners in everyday life, searched for board games gifts the little girls in the family could play while learning manners. There just wasn’t anything on the market that was “ladylike” and would make “game night” fun for the princesses.

During all of the holiday celebrations that season, the subject of the manners game kept coming up. Jessica and her mum, Catherine, and her sister, Jennifer, talked about what the “perfect” manners game for little girls would include and they all agreed – princesses, flowers, fairies, and tea parties of course!


This family of ladies was prepared for this task! Jennifer’s background in communications and marketing, and Catherine and Jessica’s training and licensing to teach etiquette to children and teens by the International School of Protocol, and their training and licensing by the Protocol School of Washington in business etiquette and international protocol, combined with their years of being moms all contributed to the game’s creation.


Our little princesses – Isabella, Olivia, and Catherine – provided great real-world examples that have found their way into some of the question cards in the game. Additionally, Isabella was one of the lead artists for the prototype game. There was only one real hiccup; Isabella didn’t want any “bad people” – characters with bad manners – on the board game. Isabella relented and the family worked for hours playing and plotting to put their ideas into a new game so that other princesses and their family could have great fun learning manners.


We had help along the way. Five special ladies – Heidi, Audrey, Grace, Amelia, and Kate – tested Kindness Kingdom from scratch with our dear friend, Miss Diane. They had fun, laughed over the silly questions and educational answers. Their Moms watched pleased that the girls were interested and engaged in the subject matter. One Mom said she was going to take the game cards with questions to her dinner table to make sure her teens knew the right answers to the many entertaining (but informative) questions. Most special thanks go to our testers!


Snaps to Wendy Sefcik of Broken Box Designs! Wendy took direction and brought the vision and every princess, fairy, and even the “bad guys” to life. The game path is remarkably entertaining and the design is a work of art! Thank you, Wendy!

So, please join us! We are very pleased to bring you Kindness Kingdom a game that will surely help make your world even more civil and give your family and friends the most relevant and important manners to make your KINGDOM full of KINDNESS! The world will surely be a better place with more KINDNESS!

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