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Thoughtful Thank You Notes

Thoughtful Thank You Notes: Using the back side of your children’s latest art work as stationery, practice writing thank you notes to send to friends and family.


  • Remind your child that thank you notes can be sent for nice gestures (for returning my library book; for driving me to soccer practice; for inviting me for a play date) as well as gifts.

  • Explain the elements of a good thank you note and have your child write one. If your child is too young to write, ask her to dictate a thank you letter to you.

  • Letters start with a properly polite salutation, “Dear______,”

  • The first sentence should show your enthusiasm for the person, the event, the gift that you are thanking them for.

  • The next sentence should say “thank you” and mention specific thing given.

  • The next sentence tells what you plan to do with the gift or something nice about the person’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

  • The next sentence makes a connection with the giver of the gift.

  • Thank you again.

  • Include a closing like “sincerely,” “yours truly,” “fondly,” or “love.”

  • Don’t forget to mail the note!


Here is a sample:


Dear Auntie Mary,

How did you know pink is my favorite color? Thank you so much for the
beautiful pink purse. I plan to use the purse when I wear my favorite
pink dress and visit grandma at Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see you at
Thanksgiving too. Thank you again, the purse is divine.


Marvelously Well-Mannered Mannered Princess-in-Training

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